Monday, March 31, 2008

Amazon New Rules for POD May Create PO'ed Publishers

Many have weighed in since the announcement in February 2008 - and not all is happiness and light.

Amazon changes rules for print-on-demand publishers
Robert L. Mitchell weighs in over at ComputerWorld with "Amazon pulls a Microsoft"

Where do you stand? Angela Hoy of BookLocker is fighting the good fight for the little guy. Check out:

Authors, readers, and small publishers are taking a stand:
"We bemoan the loss of independent booksellers, but they're going out of business because we buy our best-sellers at Wal-Mart and online. This move will lead to small publishers going out of business, too, unless readers decide to take a stand.

There's a precedent for Amazon's throwing its weight around. Back in 2000, they began suing companies using a similar mechanism to their one-click checkout system. It wasn't until a PR swell on the Internet threatened their business that they backed down."
Now there's a petition to protest Amazon's move:

Greg at the blog Publish Yourself comes down on the side of publishers and consumers with Amazon Strongarms Small Publishers.

The shakeout will be interesting. Will small publishers move to B&N and rely more on their own websites to sell or will they relinquish more profit to Amazon and pay $29 per book Advantage fee distributed with 55% off of the cover price?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Great Author's Bookmark Idea

Author Chris Crutcher has a great idea that also saves money on his webpage. He has uploaded his newest bookmark (front and back). The beauty of this particular bookmark? While most authors create new bookmarks for each new book they write and promote, Crutcher has chosen to promote himself - the story writer.

It's a awesome concept and if I'm late on the train, so what! He never needs another bookmark. On one side it has an outstretched photo of him with the phrase "I feel a story coming on . . ." and on the reverse is his headshowt and contact information. Brilliant!

Don't totally copy or plagerize it, but please use the concept. And give Chris his props. Check out his site here:
Author, Chris Crutcher - Homepage