Saturday, September 15, 2007

AuthorHouse Buys iUniverse - What's in it for You?

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Huge subsidy publisher AuthorHouse has just gobbled up it's nearest competitor iUniverse. What effect will this have on small presses like ourselves here at 22nd Century? It's hard to tell now. However, it looks like another huge conglomerate thingy to me. Probably aimed to rid the world of us tiny, buzzing types.

Read more here in Publishers Weekly:
AuthorHouse Acquires iUniverse - 9/6/2007 2:18:00 PM - Publishers Weekly

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Howard University Continuing Education Partners with Black Author Showcase™ to Promote Metro Area Writers at Open House


Jim Washington, Special Projects Coordinator
Howard University Continuing Education

Howard University Continuing Education Partners with Black Author Showcase™ to Promote Metro Area Writers at Open House

Washington, DC — Howard University Continuing Education (HUCE) is the venue for the free October 19, 2007 event that will showcase more than 10 works of self-published authors from the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The open house will feature the Howard University Continuing Education facilities and demonstrate course offerings including paralegal, ESL (English as a Second Language), Arabic, & Chinese language classes, computer workshops and more. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the staff and faculty of Howard University Continuing Education. Invitees are encouraged to bring a new or gently used paperback book or text book to donate to the DC Books to Prisons Project.

Diane Williams, director of the showcase stated "22nd Century Press is very excited about this partnership with Howard University Continuing Education. We are developing expanded resources and courses for self-published & aspiring authors by building on the classes that are currently offered by HUCE to the general public."

Howard University Continuing Education (HUCE) provides training and development services designed to maximize the professional and personal development of individuals and organizations in its state-of-the-art facilities in Silver Spring, at the University's other locations in Washington, DC, and in remote locations worldwide.. As the university-wide continuing education component of Howard University, HUCE draws from the University's rich and diverse resources and with external organizations to create innovative educational opportunities in a wide variety of formats.

Black Author Showcase™ has been designed by 22nd Century Press to assist authors in creating, preparing, writing, and marketing their works. Its’ aim is to connect authors with other literary professionals and readers utilizing the latest advances in digital publishing. This information is disseminated in the spirit of cooperative economics, shared knowledge and collective works to reach the African American market with writing and publishing education, news and information.

22nd Century Press is an independent publisher that is solely owned by KMG Consulting, a 16 year company in Prince George’s County, MD.

For additional information contact:
Diane Williams
22nd Century Press

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yes Virginia, There Are Second Chances

Just like a publishing Santa, Harper Collins Publishers has given James Frey a shiny new contract instead of a lump of coal. What's a little bit of literary scandal anyway? Ha! It's millions in free press baby. Sure, memoir-fraudboy was grilled and left to bleed in public on Oprah. Never fear - that just makes us wonder if he's totally fictionalizing this next book.

Oh the morbid curiosity of it all. Novel or real life? Oooo scary. The Flava Flav of it all. While Random House pays up to $2.35 million in consumer rebates to settle the resulting class-action suit from his memoir embellishments, Frey gets a new "Bright Shiny Morning."

Notoriety . . . so much better than just plain old famous for selling books.

James Frey's First Novel Gives Him a Second Chance -