Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Books

Afro Cyberspace
Stafford L. Battle and Rey O. Harris
Summer 2009
Trade Paperback
1000 plus websites that will enrich your world. The web is wide and it can often be difficult to find exactly what you need solely through search engines . . . read more

Federal City View
Ralph Spencer
June 2009
Color Photographs
Photography of the Nations's Capital.A photo essay of Washington, D.C. from a different point of view. read more

The Long Steep Climb
Dr. Charles H. Epps
Fall 2009
Motivated • Determined • Achiever • Leader • Dedicated • Mentor • Advocate • Role Model • A Leader in Excellence, Equality, and Diversity - These are the words used to describe Dr. Charles Harry Epps – a prominent orthopedic surgeon, professor, administrator, and board member. However, the road to these achievements was anything but more

Insane Messiah
Stafford L. Battle
October 2009
Trade Paperback
An African-American scientist seeks to stop an invasion from within. Global warming is making life difficult as raging tsunamis are ripping the continental coastlines causing . . . read more