Sunday, July 1, 2007

Easy Trackers for Book Trends & Statistics Junkies

You're not the only one obsessed with your sales ranking on Amazon
and Barnes & Noble. There are several free online tools for tracking sales rankings, because authors and publishers just can't wait 
for their daily fix of the numbers.

Title Z instantly retrieves historic and current sales rankings from Amazon and creates printable reports. Check the trends and see how topics or titles perform over time - for free (for now).

Check out charts of the top gainers, losers, and the 'currently hot' on Charteous. You can even see the 'all time favorites' (Hmm . . . let's see - Harry Potter, any thing in Oprah's book club, and the tell all for 2007 - The Secret).

If you can't get your numbers fix on here, nothing will do. The true numbers gatherers are those that subscribe to the 'Amazon BestSeller' pitch. Wow! I'm a best seller if I get every one in my mailing lists and my uncle Bob's email list to buy my book at 3:47 am on Amazon. I will then be the best seller for an entire hour. Hot Diggity! Oh yeah, where's my bling?

Don't sell the trailer and buy that Mercedes just yet. According to Steve Weber in his newest offering "Plug Your Book" - ". . . a single technique doesn’t support a book for long; steady sales depend on continuous promotion." On page 34 he demonstrates with Title Z charts the importance of a  'Long Tail' strategy versus the InstaBestseller Campaign.

Oh well. I never take a look at the sales ranking when I buy online. I always go by content, what I need at the time, and personal recommendations. Go figure.