Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yes Virginia, There Are Second Chances

Just like a publishing Santa, Harper Collins Publishers has given James Frey a shiny new contract instead of a lump of coal. What's a little bit of literary scandal anyway? Ha! It's millions in free press baby. Sure, memoir-fraudboy was grilled and left to bleed in public on Oprah. Never fear - that just makes us wonder if he's totally fictionalizing this next book.

Oh the morbid curiosity of it all. Novel or real life? Oooo scary. The Flava Flav of it all. While Random House pays up to $2.35 million in consumer rebates to settle the resulting class-action suit from his memoir embellishments, Frey gets a new "Bright Shiny Morning."

Notoriety . . . so much better than just plain old famous for selling books.

James Frey's First Novel Gives Him a Second Chance -