Monday, July 7, 2008

Penguin's Fiction Mash-up is Setting the Pace

We Tell Stories, Penguin UK's digital fiction website is clearing the road for the new wave in publishing. Their use of multiple webware to tell six stories by six authors in six weeks is just a taste of the potential of internet publishing.

A favorite Shakespeare quote "What's past is prologue" is the theme here at 22nd Century Press. Publishers large and small alike must grasp technology for the readers' and author's sake. Using different web 2.0 utilities to present these six stories is a step in a direction all publishers should take.

Photos are courtesy of Flickr members, 21 Steps places you in a Google map, the storyline to Slice can be followed on Twitter, Fairy Tales allows the reader to participate in the tale with an interactive website, Your Place and Mine is a real-time blog, Hard Times takes the form of an online Flash presentation, and The (Former) General let's the reader navigate and change the direction of the story.

All of these are innovative, creative approaches to storytelling. It is what is needed to garner the attention of todays' readers. What really is exciting is that given the democracy of the web, any small publisher can utilize current technologies to move with Penguin and other creative publishing houses into the 22nd century.

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