Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Respond To Your Crappy Reviews

Ever get the urge to respond to a review that definitely did not make your day? There's a website just for you - and others that would like to vent and commiserate the effects of a bad review.

The Worst Review Ever asks you to submit and/or link to your bad review, then you have a chance to discuss how it made you feel or to tear that crazy @$#%&$# down. It's the brainchild of Frenemies Harper Teen YA author, Alexa Young.
The blog says it's all about healing -
"we need to put the harsh words in perspective and re-access our will to live…our desire to create…our special purpose...or at least our sense of humor."

Now Alexa writes about a pretty snarky bunch of teens - perhaps she would be used to reviewers comments and could just dust them off of her shoulder.

The less said, the better.